Ordering information

Goods ordering

To order the products you should select the appropriate items and add them into your shopping cart. You can see the shopping cart on the right side of the page and you can do also there continuously changes and to see the price of items you already selected. Quantity of products you can choose by the product , You have to choose a color, size, model etc, that is also stated by the product as options.

Ø  Ordering of yarns

  • By some yarns are options of color, using the color table, that is set by the yarn. Sometimes the yarn colors may vary between the picture and real color of yarn. It depends on the batchof yarn or Your monitor/printer.

By choosing artistic yarn you have to choose weight.
Ø  Ordering yarned products

For the most products are sizes given in centimeters; socks and clothing can be also in European standard editions. If the size is not stated, it is an universal size.

Once, you have selected the appropriate products, please select the link- CARD.. You can change there quantities of ordering products, remove the goods from the shopping cart or by the desire to go back to shop / Update Card /
If everything is ok , press PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.
If you are client , please log in.
If you have a discount, please type this number into the box, that calculates the benefit you are getting from ordered product.

Next step you have to do is filling of your contact information and please fill at first the country you want to get the shipment ! it helps to  select appropriate delivering mode of goods. If the shipment goes outside of Estonia – the only way  to choose is – WEIGHT BASED INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENT.

Now You can see the sum of order.
Choose between
– Bank trasfer
– Pay by PayPal

Read the terms and conditions. For the final confirmation of order. Please press “Submit order”.

After completion of  your order, You are receiving to your e-mail an invoice, which allows you  to pay for goods.
If you have paid by PayPal you will get e – mail also.

Check if the e-mail is correct!
Please turn the attention to the correct mobile phone number, if you want to get goods through Smartpost.
Prices of e-shop are in euros and including VAT. You can pay as prepayment via bank transfer. For delivering of goods accrues prices of goods postage or courier charges according to the price list.

Payment for the order

Payment for the order must be performed via bank transfer. If we received your order, we confirm it, by sending you an note to your e-mail address, which should be paid during 7 working days (otherwise the order will be cancelled) or you can pay with Paypal

Order for payment, please note:

Joller Group OÜ
SEB Bank

Good’s returning

If the ordered product does not meet to Your expectations, You have the right it to return or exchange within 14 days. Such a time limit begins from the moment of shipment receipt. For the using right of good’s returning or exchanging, must it be unused and undamaged and in original packaging. Costs of good’s returning pays the customer.
The amount paid for returned goods to the bank account, specified by customer, immediately, but not later than 30 days.
For payment of reimburse we notify You via e-mail.
For returning or exchanging of goods, we ask You to send us an informative letter to e-mail address info@jollery-bunny.ee, which follows an information about:


  • An order stated person’s first and last name;
  • The invoice number;
  • Bank account number in order to reimburse (if recipient of the refund differs from order stated person);
  • Date of receipt of the shipment;
  • Contact phone number;
  • Returning product/exchanging product if desired;
  • Reason of disagreement of returning product;
  • Mode of goods returning;



We will deliver the package into the foreign country by Estonian Post Express Mail Service, it is an international courier service, which operates under the Universal Postal Union and which delivers the package you ordered,
securely into desired place. Estonian Post has bilateral agreements of sending deliveries with more than 60 countries. Shipments will transmitted from Estonia to destination country quickest way possible and these shipments will delivered to the recipient by courier service.

Changing of ordering

If You have already subitted an order, but You want to modify or cancel it, please send immediately corresponding e-mail to info@jollery-bunny.ee. If the package has not yet shipped, then we have the opportunity to make changes in the shipment. We are responding to You as soon as possible, via e-mail.

We are responsible for Your personal data and we are guaranteeing, that they do not fall into the hands of third parties.